Têtes Brûlées is an exhibition which sings. A collaboration between Jane Norbury, sculptor and Etienne Delmas, composer.

Nine giant terracotta heads stand face to face, their mouths wide open in song. Each resonates with a continuous electronic composition, mixing voices in invented language with natural sounds including fire and water. These voices call to each other,comment and converse. The atmosphere is theatrical, the exchange telepathic.

''Something really rather extraordinary. Their song is fascinating and everchanging.''
Nathalie Ween - Kaleidoscope. BBC Radio 4, August 1991.

2002 July : Wine Museum, Beaune

2002 June : Socla, Chalon-sur-Saône

2001 September : Château de Pierre de Bresse

1995 August : Festival Argilla, Aubagne, France

1994 May Nolay, Saône et Loire, France

1993 July : Festival de la Terre et du Feu. St Quentin de la Poterie. Gard. France

1992 December : Poterie de Sampigny. Saône et Loire. France

1991 August : Festival Voice Over, Canary Wharf. London

1991 April: Festival Européen des Jeunes Créateurs. Valenciennes. France

1990 August : Marché de Potiers. Cliousclat. Drôme. France

This installation is available for hire. Please email for further details.

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