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I have been a professional artist since 1986. My first studio was in Unit 7, London – an old suitcase factory that we, an artist co-operative, renovated to make space for studios and a gallery. In 1992 I moved my home and studio to rural France and opened "l’Atelier des Neuf Portes". Changing country, and finding earth beneath my feet allowed me to develop my work with clay in response to the plants and environment around me. I now have the space here to develop installation and sculpture projects, both inside and outside, alone or in collaboration with other artists. My recent work using unfired earth and earth renders has led me towards site-specific installations, often ephemeral and involving performance.

Since 1998 it has also been the home of Will Menter, sound sculptor, musician and composer.
Together we have developed a place for reflection, experimentation, the development of ideas and the presentation of our projects …. a multidisciplinary laboratory.

Exhibitions and performances are presented here from time to time. To be kept informed please send me a mail .

Jane Norbury CV

Situated 4km from Nolay, Burgundy, Jane’s studio is open all year by appointment.

Atelier des Neuf Portes, Changey, 71360 Saisy
Tél/fax +33 (0)3 85 82 08 67 Email jane@janenorbury.com
gps 46.962089 4.575769