trois passeuses, exhibition migration(s), musée ariana, geneva, 2022/2023

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stoneware, diameters 80-90cm

photos : will menter


30 years ago, I voluntarily chose to migrate from my country of origin, to live in France. This change of country gives me a new perception of my original country and an empathy towards people who live outside their country of birth.
My group of three abstract sculptures, each made up of two components, I call Passeuses. Each element is made from different stoneware clays, which themselves have migrated from diverse locations; with surface colours of dense blacks derived from mixed metal oxides, rich browns created by reduction firing of iron laden clays, and white kaolin sigillata washes, they evoke a variety of racial and geographical origins.

Using different combinations of these colours, I wish to express the idea of interdependence that we have with each other, the annular forms suggesting the state of openness and receptivity we need to develop to reach the far bank.

text from catalogue migration(s),
exhibition for the 50th congress of the international academy of ceramics, ariana museum, geneva, switzerland