Corps Sensibles, exhibition with Alexandra Engelfriet and Florence Le Maux, scène nationale le Creusot, 13th March to 31st May 2015, showing sculptures, installations, engravings and videos made with fired and unfired clay and paper.

Our common ground: a sensorial approach to the plastic and malleable materials of clay and paper, in constant mutation, which retain marks of the processes by which they were transformed.

I exhibit seven large stoneware sculptures, fired in reduction with wood or gas, an installation Burgundy Mix, using earths gathered locally in France and Canada, a video of the performance In Corpus Terrae and a piece in liquid clay on the large exterior windows of the building.

corps sensibles

l'arc, scène nationale, le creusot

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jane norbury, alexandra engelfriet, florence le maux

photos : jane norbury, florence le maux

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